[VIDEO] Walt Disney : Live Reference Models

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[VIDEO] Walt Disney : Live Reference Models

Message par venum le Jeu 6 Oct 2011 - 19:29

Marge Champion - Model for Snow White (and a bit of Dopey)
Eddie Collins - Happy's Dance Sequence (also modeled for Dopey)
William Phipps - Model for Prince Charming
Helene Stanley - Model for Cinderella, Anita and Aurora/Sleeping Beauty
Ed Kemmer - Model for Prince Phillip
Eleanor Audley - Voice and Model for Lady Tremaine and Maleficent
Kathryn Beaumont - Voice and Model for Alice and Wendy Darling
Bobby Driscoll - Voice and Model for Peter Pan
Roland Dupree - Flying and Action Model for Peter Pan
Hans Conreid - Voice and Model for George Darling and Captain Hook
Margaret Kerry - Model for Tinkerbell and the red-haired Mermaid
Sherri Stoner - Model for Ariel

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